Bella: Asah

Stellar: Asah

Bella: Wuu2 initialisation + numeronyms

Stellar: Is Meg on?

Meg: Hello there

Stellar: Nothing much, hbu? abbreviation

Bella: Thinking about what I’m gonna do this wkend abbreviation

Meg: I’m just sitting here

Stellar: “You just sit there” < —- This is a song reference

Meg: “You just sit theeeeeere!” < —- This is a song reference

Stellar: Dun dun dun dun Dunn < —- Also a song reference

Bella: Hey, would you guys want to meet up this weekend?

Stellar: Sureee Adds meaning/emphasis/personality to a word by adding vowels and lengthening

Bella: What day are you free?

Meg: I’m free on Sunday

Bella: Hbu Stellar? initialisation

Stellar: Yeah, anytime… (thinking/curious emoji) Emojis apply emphasis to what a person is saying and allows them to communicate how they are feeling without having to face face to face contact

Bella: Nice (praising/praying emoji x3)

Bella: What should we do?

Meg: Movies? (praising/praying emoji) A one worded question is short but can still convey the proper intentions of the sender

Bella: Sure, what’s on? (Cinema camera emoji)

Stellar: () – Oh Yussss meg!! Stranger things season 2 poster!! Yeeeeee

Bella: (bitmoji eating popcorn) Bitmoji are an ‘evolved’ version of the usual emoticon, they are personalizable, and therefore make online conversations more sociable, personal, interesting and intimate.

Meg: yassss Another example of lengthening a word to show interest in the conversation

Meg: tut tut

*photo of stranger things season 2 poster*

Stellar: But, what happened to Millie’s hair tho?? (Sad emoji) Abbreviation, shows that the sender is engaged in the conversation and communicates emotion more efficiently

Meg: Le gasp

Bella: Yeah, it looks a bit ‘strange’ A pun/joke concerning the previous conversation, adds humour and engages the conversation

Stellar: (angry emoji)

Stellar: Nuh

Bella: Sorry not sorry

Meg: Neeeeerrrrrr

Bella: (Fire dabbing bitmoji) ya cant dab in words it be 2 lit, so ma g bitmoji hooked me up wif this flaming moji, now I be swagin in da group chat fam, lit AF

Stellar: (Picture of Jemaine Clement)<— inside joke

Stellar: You’re excused < —– Inside joke

Meg: You’re excused < —– Inside joke

Meg: nuuuuuuuuu

Meg: (crying emoji)

Bella: (Thumbs up emoji)

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