14th February 2017


Meg: Soy un bebe

Stellar: Soy un bebe

S: *inhale* gah *wheeze*, I have somethink… VERY important to tell you

M: Yes, oh stello?

S: Dew remember… Sweet home ala-bam-a?

M: Of course I do

S: *inhales through gritted teeth* well… Wreath wither w-weath w-wreath w-wreath Reese Witherston Is in Wanaka!

M: Wha, wha!? *inhales*

S: Behbehbeh

M: Aw it’s a pretty difficult name to say!

S: Ha ha ha har har

M: Right here, right now?

S: I agre- Right here, right now, I actually heard… That she was in The Ritual cafe earlier today

M: I heard that as well, an she got like (S: wheeze) almond milk!

S: Yeah! A an al-mond cappuccino? Yeh, the that’s the one

M: Yesh

S: Okay

M: Ah, no but- (Camera cuts out)



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